Caring for Life

Dr. Shammo’s interventional practice remains strong, keeping him and his small staff very busy. He typically sees new and established patients in his Milwaukee clinic and satellite clinic in Watertown. In most cases, it is the start of a long-term relationship.

“The vast majority of patients I intervene on become our cardiac patients for life. We believe in continuity of care, rather than episodic care where you have a procedure, and then you do not see the cardiologist again until you have another problem. We understand that heart disease does not go away. We are not going away either. We are here in the community to provide longitudinal care for these patients. They know they can call on us for cardiac health.”


Shammo describes his small, friendly practice as a “counterrevolution,” a more personal alternative to larger group practices. While he respects his colleagues in group practice, Shammo believes there is still a place for what he calls the “personal touch” in cardiology.

“We may like the glitzy ads about magical cures and machines that can do miracles, but most patients are just looking for comfort, reassurance, support and someone who cares. If you practice state-of-the-art cardiovascular medicine in a warm and caring practice setting, your product can be superb and your business can also be highly successful.”

Shammo says warmth and caring environment are not only good for the body but also vital for the psychological well-being of cardiac patients, many of whom are scared of the future. Dr. Shammo and his staff offer them hope and treat them with respect. ” We want them to feel assured that we will work hard to improve their quality of life. We hope that it will be a quality, long life. But, if their life expectancy is short we are committed to making sure their suffering is minimal and that they are treated with respect and dignity.”